Purposefully Living

“Helping millions, one at a time.”

Get F.I.T. God first... Goals second... Your body is your vehicle to purpose

“You were created for such a time as this.”


Esther 4:14

Who is La’Trece Bartley?

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What if you could live each day on purpose? Guess what? You can! God created you on purpose and for a purpose, so why not start Purposefully Living?  Why merely exist? 
God first. Goals second. 

Purposefully Living begins by hearing, listening, and obeying God. It is living a surrendered lifestyle.

Purposefully Living is for everyone. A corporate executive, entrepreneur, athlete, student, stay-at-home mom, father, jazzy granny, man or woman, everyone!

Purposefully Living means, “nothing wasted.” When combined with Christ’s transforming love, grace, and power, your story, background, difficulties, and pains can catalyze for a powerful and purposeful life. It’s time for you to live the abundant, whole, overflowing life that Jesus Christ came to give!

Purposefully Living, LLC is an organization that fosters spiritual, physical, and personal development through Biblical teaching, mentorship, and training programs.


God first. Goals second.

How do you Purposefully Live?  

You Get (F)ocused, (I)ntentional, and (T)enacious in your pursuit of God first and goals second.

Getting F.I.T., simply put, is training.
When you put in the work required, you are guaranteed results.

God wants you fit for life. Yes! God wants you fit in your finances,  marriage, singlehood, career/business, and health.

When you “Get F.I.T.,” you will discover and walk in your God-given purpose, impact and serve others, reach your goals, and soar in every aspect of your life.  

The Get F.I.T. program encourages, impacts, and empowers you to live in total health (spirit, soul, and body). This program will activate you to get Focused, Intentional, and Tenacious in your pursuit of Christ and His predestined plan for your life.

Wondering if the Get FIT Program is right for you?
Consider the following questions:


Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal or pursue your passion, but find it hard to move from just wanting to do it to actually making it happen?


Have you realized professional success but yet are mentally distressed and detached from life?


Are you stuck in life and/or unhealthy habits? Do you want to be healthy inside and out?


Are you physically fit externally but a “Counterfeit” internally, carrying around the weight of emotional or spiritual burdens?


Do you want to fulfill your God-given purpose and reach your goals?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Get F.I.T. Program is for YOU!

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Being fit is not just about being active, physical fitness, and eating right.

Oftentimes there is internal healing, renewal, and transformation that needs to take place before an external change can happen.

Being fit is a lifestyle. It is the abundant life in Christ that begins with being whole in your spirit, mind, and body. Your body is your vehicle to purpose.

God created you for a purpose, but you cannot fulfill everything He has called you to do when you are spiritually, emotionally and physically unhealthy. It’s time for a transformation!